Sagrado Corazón Table Grapes

With a surface of 153 Hectares and in continuous expansion, Sacred Heart Table Grapes offers Thompson grapes of great quality for international markets.

We preserve the quality of the grape and its environment thanks to the compliance with high quality standards. Our export is focused on the markets of the northern hemisphere, mainly the United States and Canada and in a lesser way to Europe, Korea and Japan.


A great process for a great product

In Sagrado Corazón Table Grapes we take care of all the details of the process of production, selection, classification and export of Grapes.

A joint effort that mixes the experience, the human team and the continuous effort to improve and deliver to our clients the best of our land.

Next, we invite you to our product page, where you can learn about the process from the selection to its export to international markets.



Table Grapes


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Parcelas 1-6 y 14, Camino Peralillo s/n, El Noviciado, Lampa.

+56 9 998298924

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