Food Safety Policies

The Quality and Food Safety Policy of SAGRADO CORAZÓN pursues as strategic objectives, the continuous increase of the competitiveness of the organization and the maximum attention in each of the processes that we carry out, in each decision that we adopt and in each action that we carry out for the sake of To guarantee the innocuousness and the satisfaction of the needs of our customers of the products we produce and pack, we are in accordance with their expectations and with the demands of the market.

The general guidelines and objectives of the Quality and Food Safety Policy, established by the Senior Management of SAGRADO CORAZÓN are:

Make quality and food safety a basic element in the culture of the company, involving all the staff of the organization.

Express the commitment acquired in order to comply with current legislation, its regulations and regulatory requirements established internally by the organization or based on voluntary agreements with our customers, applicable to activities, products and services.

Guarantee and monitor compliance with hygienic-sanitary conditions in the development of our processes.

Collaborate with public and private organizations in the innovation and improvement of quality both in product, processes and environment, as well as in possible sanitary warnings, guaranteeing, in this last case and at all times, the external and internal communication of the same.

To have the necessary resources for the fulfillment of the Objectives of the Quality and Food Safety and to allow the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the System of Management of the Quality and Innocuity Alimentary.

Promote and facilitate the training, training and awareness of all personnel of the organization in aspects related to the Quality Management System and Food Safety.

Support and encourage all initiatives aimed at the continuous improvement of the quality and food safety of our product and customer service, as well as the Quality Management System and Food Safety.

Social responsability

The social policy of the Sagrado Corazón farm is to ensure the welfare of all workers by complying with the requirements of the Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM, GRASP, current national legislation and international agreements signed by the country, such as those of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

In hiring personnel, administrators will avoid discrimination based on race, color, religion, sexual orientation or marital status and will not limit their right to free organization.

Only persons of legal age will be hired, preferably residents of neighboring communities, who, together with their families, will have access to health and education services.

Grupo Sagrado corazón TG, generates work for 20 plant workers who work all year round and 250 workers in their high season harvest and packing of table grapes. Contributing indirectly employs 180 families of the commune, our company generates seasonal agricultural work during 8 months of the year.

Health and Safety Statistics

We have 5 days of accident licenses from 2014 to 2017.

Water footprint

Water is natural, renewable and limited. It is estimated that agricultural activity consumes 77.8% of the total water consumed in economic activities in Chile (FCCYT, 2012), so managing the use of this resource is essential to allow it to remain available for future generations. The use of efficient irrigation systems and adjustment of irrigation according to the needs of the crop are the basis for a good use of available water, our company has 100% of the irrigation surface with high efficiency technical system. The Water Footprint is a very useful tool that has allowed us to identify opportunities for improvement to increase efficiency in the use of water and energy.


Carbon footprint

Global warming is one of the biggest environmental problems in the world generated by the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere impacting the natural cycles of flora, fauna and climate. The carbon footprint is a sustainability tool that allows accounting for greenhouse gas emissions generated by an organization, event, person or product and then compare products of the same category and / or between seasons, as well as visualize the situation current and make improvement measures.


Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency as a management tool has allowed us to improve quality, optimize resources, reduce costs and contribute to the minimization of environmental impacts through the efficient use of energy, adoption of new technologies and participation of users.


Integrated Management

Our job is to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, trying to use the natural resources air, water and soil efficiently and actively and consciously taking care of flora, fauna and human beings.



Various measures have been adopted to encourage the conservation of soils, such as: use of technified irrigation, fertilization program adjusted to the needs of the crop, among others. The plantations are carried out on land that has climatic conditions, soils and topography suitable for intensive agricultural production, avoiding deforestation and maintaining native vegetation in conservation zones. The irrigation and fertilization programs are prepared by competent professionals and adjust to the characteristics of soil, climate and cultivation. We also have high efficiency pressurized irrigation, avoiding water losses and surface runoff.


Waste management

The integral management of waste allows to reduce the environmental impact produced by activities carried out within our organization. The integral management of waste allows to reduce the environmental impact produced by activities carried out within our organization; promoting, in the first instance, the Reduction of waste and promoting the Reuse, Recycling, Energy Recovery, Treatment and finally Disposition of them as the last alternative.


Improvement in Application of Agrochemicals

At Sacred Heart we are very concerned about the environment, which is why we have invested in new, low-volume, state-of-the-art equipment for the application of the necessary agrochemicals, which has allowed us to significantly reduce the use of these and thus their impact on the environment. ambient.



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